SEDS Professor Prashant Jamwal to receive Jewel of India Award

SEDS Professor Prashant Jamwal will receive a highly prestigious award by the NRI Welfare Society of India on the eve of Indian Republic Day

The “Hind Rattan” (a Hindi phrase translated to English as “Jewel of India”) is one of the highest Indian diasporic awards granted to non-resident persons of Indian origin.

A highly prestigious Hind Rattan Award-2023 by the NRI (Non Resident Indian) Welfare Society of India will be presented to Associate Professor Prashant Jamwal at the 42nd International Convention of NRIs in New Delhi, on the eve of Indian Republic Day next year.

This award, which recognises outstanding services and scholarly achievements, is given annually to approximately 25 individuals of Indian origin selected from a pool of over 25 million people of Indian descent who live abroad.

Professor Prashant Jamwal, a holder of the prestigious “Asian Universities Alliance Scholar Award,” joined Nazarbayev University School of Engineering and Digital Science in 2014. His research interests include Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Power Systems, and Space missions.

Congratulations on the Professor Hind Rattan Award!