NU SEDS Assistant Professor Zhanat Kappasov has been awarded the State Scientific Scholarship

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan announced the results of the 2023 competition for annual state scientific scholarships and unveiled its awardees. Among them was Zhanat Kappasov, an Assistant Professor from NU SEDS' Department of Robotics Engineering.

State scientific scholarships serve as a testament to the dedication and impactful involvement of young scholars engaged in fundamental or applied scientific research, essential to the nation's priorities.

Zhanat Kappasov is renowned for his work in the realm of tactile sensors. The Tactile Lab, under his guidance, has developed numerous devices that utilize haptic and tactile technology to address diverse groups' challenges. One such device is the HaptiComm, introduced in Boston to enhance tactile communication for Deafblind individuals. This unique device, collaboratively developed with a Deafblind co-author, integrates 23 strategically placed actuators to faithfully replicate non-mediated tactile fingerspelling. HaptiComm's adaptability lies in supporting various tactile languages, catering to the nuanced needs of the community, demonstrating its commitment to inclusivity.

We congratulate Zhanat Kappasov on this amazing achievement and wish him continued success in his scientific journey.

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