NU SEDS Assistant Professor Nursultan Kabylkas Strengthens Computer Tech Collaboration with Chinese Academy of Science

From December 12th to December 17th, 2023, NU SEDS Assistant Professor Dr. Nursultan Kabylkas had a week-long visit to the Institute of Computing Technology at the Chinese Academy of Science and the Beijing Open Source Chip organization, marking a significant step in fostering international research and educational collaborations.

During his visit, Dr. Kabylkas actively exchanged innovative research concepts and explored potential collaborative prospects in both research and education.
His recent research findings on more effective and productive microprocessor verification techniques garnered significant interest from the Institute, initiating a mutual exchange of insights and discoveries. In return, Dr. Kabylkas was introduced to the Institute's cutting-edge developments in research and education, highlighting the mutual benefits of this academic exchange.

A significant highlight of Dr. Kabylkas's visit was the meeting with Dr. Yungang Bao, the Deputy Director of the Institute of Computing Technology. Their discussions focused on the Institute's visionary "One Student One Chip" initiative, a brainchild of Dr. Bao. This project covers the entire spectrum of system design development, from chip design and fabrication to booting operating systems and running software on the chips. The outcome of their dialogue resulted in a collaborative agreement, setting the stage for groundbreaking educational advancements in the field of computing technology.

"This visit not only strengthens the ties between our institutions but also opens up new avenues for collaborative research and educational projects. We look forward to the fruitful outcomes of this partnership and the advancements it will bring to the field of computing technology," says Professor Nursultan Kabylkas.