MEM students introduced their working progress on their Capstone theses

On February 27th, the students of the Master of Engineering Management program introduced their working progress on their Capstone theses. Seven of groups students with the following projects:

Optimizing Inventory Costs for Food products in Metro KZ through Effective Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management Policies Evaluation by Saule Maulenkul, Fatima Nabidollayeva, Temirlan Omarov, Akzhan Suranshy.

Chatbot development using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to address customer questions and improve user experience in KCell SuperApp by Yermukhan Maikhanov, Alisher Aitbayev, Yersultan Baimukhan, Ramazan Shaimakhanov, Adil Uvaliyev.

Business model design for strategic sustainable development of Rail LLP by Azim Dukenderov, Aidana Raiymbekova, Sanim Pivovarova.

Impact Assessment of real-world large-scale oil and gas projects with fuzzy data by Almat Abilez, Serzhan Safin, Tomiris Madiyarova, Adilet Tagay.

Development of Predictive Maintenance Framework for an Equipment in The Oil and Gas Industry by Altynay Takisheva, Minura Nugumanova, Nursaule Batyrgali, Saiyn Kurmankulov.

Development of Common Information Model (CIM) of electric power transmission and distribution in Kazakhstan by Asset Baisalov, Serzhan Berdengorov, Gulbanu Tillabek, Raushan Zhabagina, Dilyara Saduakas.

Development of a crowdfunding web-platform to improve the effectiveness of medical fundraising for a charity fund by Nurkhan Issin, Assanali Aidarkhan, Azamat Salamat.

The last project attracted particular attention for its social impact. To date, 14,000 children are struggling with rare and severe diseases in Kazakhstan but only 29,6% are covered by special social services (UNICEF Kazakhstan, 2017). The main objective of this capstone project is to develop a new digital platform aimed at raising funds for medical treatment of children. The online crowdfunding is a relatively new form of medical fundraising technique. The platform is quite easy to use and allows fund seekers to reach out to a large group of potential donors. Developing a trustful medical crowdfunding platform for a charitable organization is an important step in extending access to medical care to those who do not have the financial resources to cover medical treatments. The platform aims not only to provide the necessary amounts for medical procedures of people in need, but also it will give donors a reliable and secure medium that is more likely to use when donating. The platform named that was developed by the students of the Master of Engineering Management is a trustworthy medical crowdfunding web-platform for the charitable organization “Милосердие” (Miloserdie) that will hopefully increase the amount of donations along with the number of donors supporting the foundation.

We wish our students to achieve their goals and write their own story with passion and determination. Success will find its way to them!