NU SEDS Assistant Professor Aishuak Konarov has been nominated for the title of Associate Professor

According to the requirements of part 7 of the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 15, 2015 No. 380 “On approval of the Rules for conferring academic ranks (Associate professor, Professor) School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, Nazarbayev University publishes information about Assistant Professor from the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Ph.D. Aishuak Konarov for the assignment of the academic title Associate Professor.

The information (pdf, docx) contains comprehensive details about the candidate's eligibility for the academic title of Associate Professor in the specialty 20500 - Materials Science (05.17.00 - Chemical Technology). Furthermore, it includes the list of scientific works authored by Associate Professor Aishuak Konarov.