NU SEDS and ISSAI held a joint workshop on artificial intelligence research for the Asian University Alliance Youth Forum’s participants

Professors from the NU School of Engineering and Digital Sciences and representatives of the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence (ISSAI) conducted a two-hour workshop for participants of the Asian University Alliance (AUA) Youth Forum, which took place October 24-28 at Nazarbayev University.

The Forum, entitled “Building a Meta Silk Road: integration of Asian cultures in the real and virtual universe,” drew 40 students. They represented the University of Tokyo, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay), United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology HKUST, Seoul National University, the University of Malaya and Nazarbayev University. Students from the University of Colombo participated in an online format.

The workshop consisted of a lecture with demonstrations and focused on research in artificial intelligence, AR/XR/VR, data science, and computer graphics. The technical coordinator of the ISSAI project, Yerbol Absalyamov, moderated the workshop.

In his lecture, NU Professor Adnan Yazici, Head of the Department of Computer Science, talked about computational intelligence in wireless multimedia sensor network applications.

ISSAI Senior Data Scientist Askat Kuzdeuov introduced their data-centric approach for input-agnostic face detection. NU Professor Matteo Rubagotti talked about real-time motion planning for safe physical human-robot interaction. ISSAI Researcher Shahizat Nurgaliyev’s lecture was about an AI-based visual assistant system for the visually impaired and blind people. NU Professor Berdakh Abibullayev informed the audience about a real-time brain-computer Interface.

He explained how brain-computer-machine interfaces work and presented research at Nazarbayev University in this field. His research focuses on the development and cross-validation of non-invasive brain-machine interfaces to improve the life quality of people with movement disorders after a stroke. In turn, researcher Saida Mussakhojayeva presented the Kazakh speech corpus and Automated Kazakh Speech Recognition. NU Professor Siamac Fazli focused on machine learning for drug discovery.

The workshop concluded with a presentation by Huseyin Atakan Varol, Head of the Department of Robotics Engineering and founding director of ISSAI, on “Augmented Reality-Based Human Memory Enhancement Using AI.”

During the workshop, students actively asked questions on topics of interest and participated in a quiz.

The Institute of Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence (ISSAI) has awarded the winners special prizes.