NU SEDS students made one day field trip to the 100 MW Wind Farm nearby Astana city

On 5th of April 2023, the students of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department and other departments of SEDS visited a Wind Farm (ТОО «ЦАТЭК Green Energy») located nearby Astana city. The trip was organized by Prof. Yerbol Yerbol Sarbassov, MSc Gulnara Baizhan (Research assistant) and Dr. Aigerim Baimyrza (Teaching Assistant) under the Feasibility of Clean Energy Technologies course and for general purpose. The Wind Farm has been in operation since 2019 and has an installed capacity of 100 MW. The Wind Farm has 29 identical Wind turbines manufactured by Vestas (Denmark) and each has a capacity of 3.4 MW.

According to the representatives of Wind Farm, an average annual wind speed at the Farm is around 7-11 m/sec which gives relatively high electric output of around 50 MW in average. During the trip the Chief Engineer Vladislav Gorbovsky and the power plant team Konstantin Konyushkov have illustrated the Farm at a conference room. This followed by further discussion at the dispatching room with more detailed informative discussions.