Rolls-Royce gave a talk to NU SEDS students

On February 1, the Head of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department of NU SEDS, Essam Shehab, invited Senior Manager at Rolls-Royce, Mark Halliwell, to provide a stimulating online presentation on Rolls-Royce’s cutting-edge technologies to his students. Rolls-Royce’s business covers civil and defense aerospace, power systems, electrical aircraft, and recently developing the nuclear Small Modular Reactors (SMR).

Professor Halliwell provided an overview of Rolls-Royce’s capabilities and performance. He highlighted the company’s technology initiatives towards delivering ‘Net Zero’ carbon goals. Rolls-Royce is leading the way in aviation decarbonization through company operation, sustainable fuel testing, advanced air mobility, all-electric propulsion systems, and SMR technology.

Rolls-Royce has recently opened the world’s largest and most innovative indoor aero engine testbed in Derby, UK. Professor Mark explained the company’s strategic priorities in securing a sustainable future for Rolls-Royce’s business and continuing the company’s significant progress in creating better quality and more balanced trade.