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We welcome all talented and brave applicants to join our professional engineering family! You will be taught by the world-class faculty from all over the world, you will be involver into the vital research projects, contacting the acting enterprises with the career prospective!

Application period: November 23, 2020 – April 30, 2021


Scholarship holding Master students receive 125 000 KZT stipend monthly.

Non-residents of Astana can live in campus (25 000 KZT per semester for undergraduate and Master students and 64 000  KZT per semester for PhD students).

Married Master and PhD students with kids may apply to the apartment rent in campus:  68 000 KZT (1- bedroom) - 98000 KZT (2-bedroom) + utilities cost PER MONTH.



Student housing:

Students are provided with a comfortable accommodation with 1-2 beds in room. Campus has all necessary facilities for comfortable living: canteens, cafe corners, sport centers, pharmacy, shops, workshops, medical center etc.

See family apartments below: