Chemical Engineering Profession

The chemical engineer deals with the transformation of raw materials into useful products that have an impact on virtually every facet of human life. Many of these products are commodities obtained from oil and natural resources, such as soaps, detergents, cosmetics, liquid and gaseous fuels, synthetic fibers and plastics. While the petrochemical industry will continue to provide employment for many scientists and engineers, the chemical engineer must be prepared to participate in the development of the newer and emerging technologies, such as those based on ceramics, nanotechnology focused on high value chemicals and products, biochemicals, and electronic materials. Also, the chemical engineer needs to be increasingly conversant with problems of energy conservation, green energy and environmental pollution issues for a sustainable development.

Kazakhstan has significant reserves of world-class natural resources of minerals and petroleum. These resources are raw materials for fuels and chemical products. Chemical engineers transform these into marketable products. The primary job of the chemical engineer is to ensure that the chemical industries produce high-quality products at a cost that keeps Kazakh products competitive in the international marketplace. Chemical engineers also work in many industries and find rewarding careers in diverse areas such as biomedical materials, semiconductors, microelectronics, nanotechnology, environmental quality and industrial safety. It is anticipated that our engineers would be in high demand because of the quality education they would have received and the status of Nazarbayev University as a world Class University in engineering education. Many of our graduates will certainly become tomorrow’s leaders of the Central Asia and Eurasia’s engineering community. Our Chemical Engineering Program has many important features. For instance, our program has strong links with industry and governmental institutions in Kazakhstan which would provide our students with unique opportunities to advance their education and careers. Some of our best undergraduate students would work alongside faculty members to work on research projects of international significance. Please come and join us. You can expect to work hard; you will be rewarded with an exceptionally bright future.

Chemical Engineering Education at NU

Chemical Engineering is a diverse subject and our programmes are designed to produce Chemical Engineers with a broad knowledge of the subject, whilst giving the opportunity to specialize in aspects which interest the individual the most. In the first and second years of the programme, the basic fundamental principles of Chemical Engineering are taught: this covers how materials mix, separate and change state, the design and operation of chemical reactors, the control of processes and how the structure of the products produced influence their function. IT and transferable skills are developed and experience is gained in the use of computer packages including Computer Aided Design (CAD) and process simulation packages. Underpinning Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics is embedded into all courses at the point where the understanding is needed, enabling you to relate closely to and see the relevance of the taught material. You are encouraged to take responsibility for your own learning and development via directed learning, project work, inquiry based learning and case studies.

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