SEDS Research Seminar “Simulation of CO2 flow in porous media using Lattice Boltzmann Model”

May 5, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

The Nazarbayev University School of Engineering and Digital Sciences and National Laboratory Astana invites you to the research seminar “Simulation of CO2 flow in porous media using Lattice Boltzmann Model” by Luis Ramón Rojas-Solórzano, Associate professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, SEDS NU.

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Abstract: This study focuses on CO2 storage by investigating CO2 flow in deep underground porous media, within the framework of the major current issue on carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS). Our project intends to simulate CO2 flow in porous media using the Lattice Boltzmann Model (LBM). The LBM is a discrete computational method based upon the Boltzmann equation. It considers a fundamental volume of fluid to be composed of a collection of particles. Each set of particles contained in these volumes is represented by a particle velocity distribution function for each fluid component at each grid point. During the time-step advance of the simulation, the fluid particles can collide with each other as they move, possibly under applied forces. The rules governing the collisions, such as Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook (BGK) are designed such that the time-averaged motion of the particles is consistent with the Navier-Stokes equation (Chen and Doolen 1998).

LBM is a mesoscopic method which is able to capture microscopic effects and reproduces macroscopic behavior of fluids as a result (Huang et al. 2014).

The aim of the 3+3 year project is to thoroughly investigate the LBM ability to handle multiphase multicomponent (specifically CO2-brine system) flows in porous media, using current state-of-the-art multiphase models and envision potential improvements in treating the interface such that the model can better accommodate the specific application.

In the presentation, Professor will give an overview of LBM and its mathematical-physical characteristics, as well as some examples of the progress of my research team in using LBM for multiphase flow modeling in meso-scale domains, in our progressive approximation to the more realistic conditions as those found in aquifers where CO2 is typically targeted to be stored.

Short bio: Luis Ramón Rojas-Solórzano, Associate professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, SEDS NU

-Ph.D., 1997 (Carnegie Mellon University-USA)

-Mech.Eng., M.Sc., 1985, 92 (Simon Bolívar Univ, SBU, Venezuela)

-Member of ASME, since 2003.

-+ 30 years teaching Energetic Systems/Fluid Mechanics

-+ 21 years teaching CFD

-+ 86 peer-reviewed Scopus publications and +100 international overall publications

-+ 20 industry technical reports

-+ 45 Master and + 5 Ph.D. former students, currently +4 MSc students and 1PhD candidate

– Teaching and research collaboration with institutions/teams from:  France (IMT, 2009-present), Kazakhstan (NU, 2013-present), Norway (IFE, 2009-present), Peru (PUC, 2012), Portugal (UNL, 2010-2015), Spain (UPC, 2008), USA (CMU-UoTA, 2004-2012), Venezuela (SBU, 1988-2013; retired as Tenured Full Professor)

-Currently Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at NU-Kazakhstan; Invited Professor in PM3E at IMT-Attlantique, France.  

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