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Bioengineering group

  1. Mission: Engineering the Future of Personalized Medicine
  2. Vision: To be a Recognized Centre of Excellence in Bioengineering Research
  3. Research Focus and Future Directions
    1. Patient-specific medical image-based virtual heart/Cardiovascular system for non-invasive medical diagnosis and treatment
    2. Human brain project
    3. Intelligent system for breast tumor detection and cancer prediction
    4. Image-based patient-specific biomechanical model of the respiratory system
    5. Multiscale/Multiphysics Modelling of Muscular-Skeletal Systems
    6. Personalized prosthetic device , diagnosis and drug delivery system design and fabrication
    7. Systems in silico biology: Genome-Proteome-Physiome: patient-specific integrative physiological computation
    8. Patient-specific 3D printing of organs and tissues
    9. Design and hydrodynamic optimization of Micro-biosensors
    10. Design optimization of blood-wetted medical devices using simplified Eulerian-Eulerian Blood Damage CFD Modeling
  4. Membership: 25 members, including faculty, TA/RA and Post-docs, PhD students from SENG, SST and SOM. External members include personnel from National Cardiac Centre and National Oncology Centre
  5. Meetings: normally biweekly.
  6. Invited Talks and Seminars.
    Infrared Technology in Engineering, Medicine and Biology, 28 September 2018, 1 pm – 2 pm, Venue: 6.105, by Prof Eddie Ng, NTU Singapore
    - Development of integrated index for breast cancer identification with HOG &KLPP Features extracted from thermograms, 1 October 2018, 1 pm – 2 pm, Venue: 3e.224, by Prof Eddie Ng, NTU Singapore
  7. Collaborations
  8. Major Publications.
  9. Projects




a) CAD Virtual Heart Project.
The work on the project of “Development of an intelligent system for fast and personalized/precision diagnosis of coronary arterial disease and cardiac surgery planning using cCTA based hemodynamic simulation and deep learning” has been started.

Proposal: Development of an intelligent system for fast and personalized/precision diagnosis of coronary arterial disease and cardiac surgery planning using cCTA based hemodynamic simulation and deep learning written by
● Prof Michael Yong Zhao (MAE, NU)
● Prof Soo Lee Teh (MAE, NU)
● Prof Sai Fok (SENG, NU)
● Dr Sholpan Sumbekova (MAE, NU)
● Yessimzhan Raiymbekov (Engineer of Department of Radiology, National Research Cardiac Centre, Nur-Sultan)
in collaboration with
● Prof Su Xiaohui (Dalian University of Technology, China)
● Associate Professor Liang Zhong ( National Heart Centre Singapore and Duke-NUS Medical School, National University of Singapore)
● Prof Yubing Shi (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Arts, Sciences, and Technology, University of Northampton, UK)
● M.D. Tairkhan Dautov (Head of Department of Radiology, National Research Cardiac Centre, Nur-Sultan)
● M.D. Aripov Marat (Head of Interventional cardiology Department, National Research Cardiac Centre, Nur-Sultan)
Has been submitted to the NU Faculty-development competitive research grants program of the call No. FY2019-FGP-1-STEMM-and-SSHM. This proposal has been written for a total duration of 36 months and comprises the work of the research team outlined above including hiring of 1 PostDoctoral Fellow and 1 Research Assistant.
The objectives of the project are as following:
1) To create a high performance, intelligent and non-invasive system to study various aspects of CAD based on patient-specific multiscale/multiphysics simulations;
2) The ultimate goal is to develop a computer-aided diagnostic and surgical planning tool for CAD and bring it closer to practical clinical applications with sufficient low cost, high efficiency and accuracy and reliability in order to replace the existing Invasive Coronary Angiography (ICA) that are invasive, inefficient and costly.

Actions taken: together with the experimental and numerical data obtained by Prof Su and Prof Zhong, the work on setting up the procedure of running a simulation using the CTA images has been started by Aidana Zhalgas. Numerical simulations are believed to be run in ANSYS and Simvascular.

Future work: To obtain meaningful results from the CTA based numerical simulations and extend this analysis to a higher amount of CTA images involved which will be provided by Yessimzhan Raiymbekov.


b) Breast Cancer Research Project

Title of Project: Intelligent system for breast tumor detection and cancer prediction
An Intelligent System for Early Breast Tumor Detection and Cancer Prediction (MES Funded Project, 2018-2020) (PIs: Profs Michael Yong Zhao, Soo Lee Teh and Sai Fok and Dr. Anna Mugaila, School of Medicine in collaboration with National Research Cancer Centre and Oncology Centre, Prof Eddie Ng, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Post-doctoral fellow: Aigerim Mashekova
Masters Students: Olzhas Mukhmetov & Dastan Igali

Funded by MES to the amount of 30 Million Tenge from 2018-2021

1) Olzhas Mukhmetov, Dastan Igali, Yong Zhao, Sai Cheong Fok, Soo Lee Teh, Aigerim Mashekova & Ng Yin Kwee, Finite Element Modelling for the Detection of Breast Tumor, The 18th annual IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering (IEEE BIBE 2018), October 29-31, Taichung, Taiwan, 2018
2) Dastan Igali, Olzhas Mukhmetov, Yong Zhao, Sai Cheong Fok, Soo Lee Teh, An Experimental Framework for Validation of Thermal Modeling for Breast Cancer Detection, 2018 2nd International Conference on Advanced Technologies in Design, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (ATDMAE 2018), 1-3 July 2018, Dalian, China. In IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 408, 2018.


c) A multi-physics study of nasal aerodynamics (PIs: Profs Michael Yong Zhao, Soo Lee Teh and Sai Fok and Nazym Sagandykova) in collaboration with doctors from Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education
PhD student: Nazym Sagandykova

CT Images obtained for nose, throat and airways. Computer simulation will be started soon.


d) A Fluid-Structure Interaction Study of Insect Flapping Flight (PIs: Profs Michael Yong Zhao, Soo Lee Teh and Sai Fok, Prof XH Su, Dalian University of Technology) (funded by China Natural Science Foundation and NU postgraduate project, 2017-2021)

PhDs and Masters students are trained and a number of Q1 Journal papers have been published:
1) Xiaohui Su, Kaixuan zhang, Ruiqi han, Yong Zhao, Tianqi yang, and Juan Zheng, Numerical Investigations on Aerodynamic Forces of Corrugation and Deformable Foils in Hovering Motions, submitted Physics of Fluids, American Institute of Physics, 2018. (Impact factor: 2.232)
2) X Su, Z Yin, Y Cao, Y Zhao, Numerical investigations on aerodynamic forces of deformable foils in hovering motions, Physics of Fluids, American Institute of Physics, 29 (4), 041902, 2017. (Impact factor: 2.232)
3) Xiaohui Su, Yuanwei Cao and Y. Zhao, An unstructured mesh Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian unsteady incompressible flow solver and its application to insect flight aerodynamics, Vol 28 No. 6, Physics of Fluids, American Institute of Physics, 2016. (Impact factor: 2.232)


e) CFD Multiphase Modeling of Blood Cells Segregation in Flow through Microtubes (PI: Prof. Luis R. Rojas-Solorzano; Co-PI’s: Kostas Konstantinos; Co-PI’s: MSc Rakhim Supiyev/Anuar Ormanilayev, MSc student)
1 Journal paper in preparation


f) Optimization of a Mycobacterim Tuberculosis (Mtb) Biosensor using CFD Techniques (PI: Damira Kanayeva; Co-PI: Marzhan Sypabekova; Co-PI: Aidana Zhalgas; Co-PI: Luis Rojas-Solorzano.
1 Journal paper in preparation


g) Relevant publications of V.Zarikas

Journal papers (scopus indexed)

A. Deltsidou1, Vasilios Zarikas2, D. Mastrogiannis3, E. Kapreli4, D. Bourdas5, E.Papageorgiou6, V. Raftopoulos7, M. Noula8, M. Lambadiari9, K. Lykeridou10.
“Reliability analysis of Finometer and AGE-Reader devices in a Clinical Research Trial”
International Journal of Reliability and Safety 2018, 180, pp211-225

Recently submitted
A. Deltsidou, Vasilios Zarikas, D. Mastrogiannis, E. Kapreli, D. Bourdas, V. Raftopoulos,
M. Noula, M. Lambadiari, K. Lykeridou.
“Caffeine and Nicotine effect on the concentrations of advanced glycation end-products and on haemodynamic parameters “
Conference paper (scopus indexed)

Vasilios Zarikas, E. I. Papageorgiou, D. Pernebayeva, N. Tursynbek
Medical Decision Support Tool from a Fuzzy-Rules Driven Bayesian Network
Conference: ICAART 2018, 10th International Conference on Agents and Artificial intelligence, at: Madeira, Portugal, January 2018, DOI10.5220/0006642705390549

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