Educating for Industry 4.0


Educating for Industry 4.0 (EduInd4) is an international project developed jointly by the researchers and faculty from Nazarbayev University (NU), University of Stavanger (UIS)-Norway and Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) with the partnership of various industrial organizations in three countries. The project is financially supported by the Eurasia Programme of DUKE, Norwegian Institution for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education. The urgent industrial need of getting competent industrial engineers, who can operate smart systems of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), is the main motivation behind this project.

The aim of the project is to jointly foster the development of competence that will enable students to be skillful in future industrial jobs. In addition to that, goals set for the project include developing project-based contents of digitization, operations optimization and predictive maintenance and, establishing joint research-based activities and enhancing industrial collaboration through summer schools, industrial internships and project competitions.

Main Activities of EduInd4 are:

  • Project-based contents will be developed / implemented as special topic lectures/ special project modules in the existing courses and expanded in the Summer school at NU, May 2020.
  • Student exchange programs will be established between the partner universities, 5 months (semester) (NU << -- >> UIS)
  • Summer internships will be offered for students in the partner countries (NOR < -- > KZ)
  • Industry 4.0 Challenge (Open competition for student teams) will be organized in Azerbaijan
  • Joint course projects and research will be established on the subject (EduInd4).

Recent Events

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EduInd4 project had the kick-off meeting in Stavanger, Norway during 25-29 November 2019. Project participants from the three collaborating institutions were present to discuss and plan for the projects’ activities. The planned activities include developing project-based course contents, establishing joint research-based activities, student exchange programs and enhancing industrial collaboration through summer industrial internships.

To start off, introductions of partner institutes were established and was first on the agenda. Among which Cluster on industrial asset management (CIAM)/UIS, Nazarbayev University (NU) and Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) gave presentations. Professor Jong Kim, HoD of CEE at NU, introduced Nazarbayev University and its School of Engineering and Digital Sciences (SEDS).

Dr. Ali Turkyilmaz, EduInd4 project coordinator at NU, presented the Master of Engineering Management program (MEM): learning objectives, courses and learning methods. Professor Gudmestad of UIS gave a summary of the Norwegian oil and gas industry and highlighted the main challenges related to operation and maintenance. Finally, the project coordinator at UiS, Dr. Idriss El-Thalji presented the project activities and the agenda for the discussion in the following days.

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The partners had opportunities to participate in very interesting events including visits to the research laboratories and production facilities, and seminars on the study programs offered, common research groups at the collaborating institutions, and, as well as, joint events with the industry representatives.

Eurasian event

To build a strong relationship for the collaboration, the project team organized a Eurasian event, which was open to all UiS students to inform them about future activities and opportunities, and, as well as, to introduce them the Eurasian culture. The partners created a small exhibition to introduce their countries, traditions and cultures, presented souvenirs and famous food from the homelands, combined with short introductory videos and explanations.  Ms. Aida Sultanali, project manager at NU SEDS, shortly presented Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan and Kazakh culture.


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Future activities and opportunities

The main activities of the EduInd4 project include upgrading existing courses, student exchange programs, summer school, summer internships and Industry 4.0 Challenge. The summer school will be at Nazarbayev University on “Applying Industry 4.0”, 25th-29th, May 2020 that will have 6 ECTS (equivalent for 150 learning hours).





Project Team and Coordination at NU:

  • Prof. Ali Turkyilmaz, Project Coordinator, SEDS
  • Prof. Jong Kim, SEDS
  • Prof. Dimitrios Emiris, SEDS
  • Prof. Essam Shehab, SEDS
  • Prof. Mariza Tsakalerou, SEDS
  • Prof. Chet Borucki, Graduate School of Business
  • Ms. Aida Sultanali, Project Manager, SEDS

For further information about the project and forthcoming activities, please contact:

asultanali@nu.edu.kz or ali.turkyilmaz@nu.edu.kz