An application for diagnosing cough types has been developed by SEDS researchers


The professors and scientists of the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences under the leadership of Professor Martin Lukac (Department of Computer Science), in collaboration with scientists from the School of Medicine, have developed an application for diagnosing cough types in diseases of the upper respiratory tract, Cough Analyzer.

For an ordinary person, coughing is a common symptom of a disease, but not all of us know that coughing is different. And the type and severity of the disease depend on its specificity.

This application allows you to collect an extensive database of types of cough and disease symptoms. Thanks to this application, scientists plan to establish a correlation between types of cough and the corresponding diagnosis. The application does not record the identity of the person, only the cough itself and related symptoms, so the information remains confidential.

Using this application, you can:

Automatic recognition of cough types. Appropriate classification by type of disease of the upper respiratory tract, including coronavirus infection.
Self-monitoring of your health. You can record your data, symptoms, appointments, thus preserving the entire detailed medical history.
The collected data can be provided to the attending physician, thus, none of your symptoms will be left without attention. Objectively, during a visit to the doctor, we miss a lot from our story.

The application is available for free download for Android and iOS.


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