NU SEDS and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development work on a cooperative project


School of Engineering and Digital Sciences is very pleased to share with you information about the project of Professors of the Department of Robotics Tohid Alizadeh, Aibek Nietkaliyev and Professor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Behruz Makham in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Details about this project were told us by Professor Tohid Alizadeh.


– When did you start working on this project?
The project was initiated before the pandemic, but then due to the lockdowns it was not active. Finally, the contract was signed between NU and EBRD around early March 2022 and the NU team started to work on it officially.

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– Why is this project so important for NU SEDS and EBRD?
The project is important for all parties including NU and EBRD. NU will demonstrate its ability in terms of sharing the experience in developing technical programs and building relations with outside organizations. On the other hand, the project is important for the EBRD, as supporting universities/organizations in developing countries is one of their principal aims. In this project, they are supporting the technical college in Karaganda by financially funding the project and the successful completion of the project will be a considerable accomplishment for them.


– Why did EBRD choose our school for this project?
I believe that they did research to find a capable team in the region to execute the project and they chose NU in the end, considering the capability of our faculty members and our past experience in developing and delivering state-of-the-art courses and programs.

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– What are you working on now?
Currently we are in the phase of preparing the material for the proposed program. The proposed courses include experimental sessions which are developed in collaboration with the college staff. I together with two other faculty members from robotics and ECE departments are developing courses. In the next step, we will train some faculty members from the college and will prepare them for the delivery of the program to their students.


– What are the expected results of this project?
As the main result of the project, a mechatronics program will be prepared for the technical college in Karaganda and they will include it in their programs. This program is being designed considering the capabilities of the college in terms of the equipment and the needs of the Borusan Makina company in terms of the skills that they seek in the college graduates. Therefore, the students finishing the program successfully will be ready to start their job in the company. Hopefully, this project will be a starting point for similar projects for other colleges in future and NU will share and spread its experience in this regard.