SEDS Departments Open House Days

SEDS VOHD by Departments

We are thrilled to announce Virtual Open House Days of our Departments from February 10 till February 26!  Each webinar session will focus on each program’s features to help prospective students to make informed decision on their way to the engineering world! You can ask questions directly to the professors of the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences.

We invite everyone, participation is free!

Register now!

When: 10-26 February

Where: ZOOM platform*

*Once you have done registration, you would get an e-mail with the link for the webinar!

SEDS Virtual Open House Days by Departments schedule:

 February 10, 10:00  SEDS PhD programs: The Myths and the Reality
 February 12, 14:00  Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
 February 17, 14:00  Master of Engineering Management Program 
 February 19, 14:00  Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
 February 24, 14:00  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department
 February 26, 15:00  Chemical and Materials Engineering Department