“Siri” and ” Alexa” will speak Kazakh

KAZ corpus poster3

Would you like programs like Siri and Alexa to speak Kazakh?

Scientists from the Institute of smart systems and artificial intelligence of the Nazarbayev University are collecting a database of voice data in the Kazakh language for use in speech recognition and speech synthesis technologies in the Kazakh language. Examples of using speech recognition technologies are the virtual assistants "Siri”," Alexa”and "Cortana".

The goal of the project is to use this database to create programs and applications in Kazakh language using speech recognition and synthesis technologies.

People's participation in this project is very important. In order for scientists to implement this project, they need to collect voice data from the population. Participants will need to follow the link, read the instructions and read aloud the sentences in Kazakh, which will be displayed on the screen.

Voice data is currently being actively collected. The more people who participate, the faster scientists can develop new programs. Each person can participate an unlimited number of times.

To participate in the project, follow the link below: