Students from Satbayev University has done an internship at NU SEDS

SEDS news

Recently at the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences of Nazarbayev University was held an internship for master students of Satbayev University. We had a chance to interview one of the program participants and listened with pleasure to his impressions of the internship.

Kamal Aisultan Mukhtaruly, 2nd year master student of the specialty «Electrical Engineering and Energy». 


– How did you find out about this program and how was the selection process?

We knew that during final year of master program students can do an internship at universities abroad or in our country. At first we tried for a long time to get an invitation letter from some foreign universities of Poland, Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria. We tried different ways: from the official requests of our university to the personal appeal of the students themselves. We almost managed to get an invitation from one Polish university, but due to recent situation in the world, everything was cancelled. Of course, we were upset and no longer had the desire to try do anything. But soon we received news about a possible research internship at Nazarbayev University. We immediately decided to take a chance at NU. Because we know that Nazarbayev University has become a national brand of higher education in Kazakhstan, combining the advantages of the national education system and the best world scientific and educational practice.

– What are your impressions of the training and organization?

Before the internship, we already knew about the potential of this university, the conditions and opportunities that NU provides to its students. We heard this from the media and from friends who studied there. Nazarbayev University is when it completely denies the meaning of the phrase «expectation-reality». Because of high level of the organization, the attitude of the staff, the responsiveness of professors and their desire to help with any issue, the provision of laboratories with modern equipment, a well-thought-out infrastructure of the university campus. I want to thank the leadership of Satbayev University for giving us such a great opportunity and the leadership of Nazarbayev University for the warm welcome. I also want thank the professorial staff who helped us and showed us the laboratories where they work. Namely: Prof. Do Duk Ton, Prof. Mehdi Bagheri, Prof. Annie Ng, Postdoctoral Scholar Gulnur Kalimuldin and special thanks to Prof. Luis Ramon Rojas Solorzano.

– What did this internship give you?

First of all, this is my first internship experience. As Thomas Dewar said: «Experience is what you get when you’re looking for something else». I was looking for not only knowledge in my major, but also a different way of thinking and views of our youth. And I found it. Secondly, we visited several laboratories with professors, discussed some topics, studied new materials. We visited the laboratory of electricity of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering with Professor Mehdi Bagheri, got acquainted with electrical equipment. We also visited the laboratories with Professor Annie Ng and Postodoctoral Scholar Gulnur Kalimuldina, who are engaged in the study of perovskite. 

With Prof. Luis Rojas, we took a course on the topic «12-hour seminar on the feasibility study of clean energy technologies using RETScreen», which took place from 11.04.2022 to 21.04.2022. 

Before the final lesson, we got acquainted with the equipment for Renewable Energy Sources, the university’s technopark, solar panels, a wind farm and a smart home. Then we discussed the input and output parameters of the stations. At the end of the course, Professor Luis Rojas took a test on the material covered and provided us with certificates of completion of the course.

– How do you plan to implement knowledge? What are the future plans?

As B. Disraeli said: «Experience is the child of thought, and thought is the child of action». I hope the knowledge gained from the internship will be useful to us in the future. And it would be good if the studied projects in laboratories and new prototypes are massively introduced into our domestic manufacturing enterprises. However I understand it’s a matter of time. Of course, we will analyze the materials we studied, implement them and share the materials at our university. Once again, I want to say thank you to Nazarbayev University, I hope that in the future friendly and mutually beneficial relations will be established between the two leading universities of our country. Thank you!