Students’ startup will reduce the long lines in the canteens

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SEDS students Bibarys Mussagaliyev and Eldar Gabdulsattarov are developing and interesting project “Foodcognizer”. The team is a participant of the ABC Incubation program at NURIS.

Project “Foodcognizer” optimizes the service for public catering through the complete automation of counting and payment systems using artificial intelligence (AI). The system solves the following problems in canteens with a distribution line:

  • Long lines caused by slow checkout
  • Loss of customers due to long queues during peak hours
  • Shadow economy, non-transparency of financial transactions when paying in cash

“Foodcognizer” offers an intelligent order recognition system that can replace the traditional cashier service process in a faster, more reliable and more technologically advanced way. The system uses the concept of deep learning and a computer vision library. The system uses YOLO architecture as the basis of the recognition algorithm. The solution to the problems is as follows:

  1. Obtaining graphic data on the tray through the system camera
  2. Instant and high-precision order recognition using the Nvidia Jetson Nano microcomputer
  3. High-precision calculation of the total amount of the order
  4. Payment by electronic means

“Foodcognizer” offers the following value proposition:

  • Autonomy: the exclusion of the human factor from the process of order processing
  • Improved service: an accelerated and technological way of customer service
  • Saving clients: reducing queues saves client flow
  • Price: subscription fee below the average salary of cashier

At the present time, the system plans to be installed on a pilot test in the canteens of Nazarbayev University.

For more details:

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