SEDS students work on the development of climate control technology for the houses and industrial objects with autonomous heating.

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We are pleased to introduce to you our students Anuar Sarsembinov and Adlet Baysin's project!

SHM team works on the development of climate control technology for the houses and industrial objects with autonomous heating.

Basically, three main problems in current heating systems were detected: 

1) It is expensive. For example, People who live in private houses with electrical heating pay more than half-million tenge per one heating season, while Industrial building holders pay even more for their businesses.

2) It is inconvenient. There is a lack of opportunity to control the temperature inside each room remotely, and because of that people have to do that manually, which is uncomfortable. Sometimes, when a house is overheated, people even have to open the window cool down the room.

3)It is unhealthy. All of the rooms inside of the house has the same temperatures, which are mostly not suitable for the purpose of the room. For Instance, The temperature at the children's room should be higher than that of the bedroom. For Industrial building holders, the correctly installed temperature is also very important to maintain the productivity of the workers at high level.

 The current project is related to the installation of smart radiator valves, which control the flow of the heating fluid to the radiators, depending on the personal needs inside of the room.  This technology will help users to save 20-40% on their heating bills and control the temperature of each room of the house remotely, which will cause the development on users' well-being. 

What is needed to implement the project? (Methodology) *

Currently, SHM startup has won a business incubation program by "Astana Business Campus", and participating on the Investment Readiness Program be SeedStars (Switzerland based International Acceleration program). Our team has already made some presales, but final product is not ready. Minimum viable product (MVP) based on Arduino and ESP modules was purchased for our money, but it is not ready to be sold, and more complex controllers should be used. Moreover, we are testing IoT tools , such as the LoRa protocol to fit our technology. We have already reached an agreement for the pilot projectand to start to test a pilot project, we are looking for financial resources to purchase raw materials and start first sales. In the future, it is planned to create a complex, machine learning-based heating system, with the help of team's advisor Bolatzhan Kumalakov (Head of Artificial Intelligence department and KazNU in Almaty, who has made publications related to smart heating systems)

Why do you need funding? *

Funding is needed for the purchase of raw materials ( electromagnetic valves, sensors, controllers, and etc.) to test , which combination shows the best results. In case of successful development of MVP, first sales can be started. Therefore financial resources are also needed for the initial sales, and first agreements with companies can be made. Funding is also needed for the development of simplest interface mobile application for the users. The rest of the money is to be used for operational expenditures as a salary.

What will be the output of the project? *

In the case of successful product development, first sales will start. The technology itself is aimed for energy efficiency, therefore, in case of application of this technology, the energy consumption of many objects will be optimized. Basically, the product that we are developing is a more versatile and affordable version of smart thermostats and smart thermoregulators.


We wish the team great success!

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