Team from SEDS has been awarded for a travel stipend to participate in “Pervious Concrete Cylinder Competition”

Travel stipend

American Concrete Institute (ACI) Student Chapters has been awarded SEDS team for a travel stipend to participate in “Pervious Concrete Cylinder Competition” for the Spring 2021 ACI Convention on March 28, 2021 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The travel stipend will be up to $5,000.

The team is represented by students of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Zere Bekzhanova, Symbat Seitzhan, Iliyas Omarov, Aizhan Sagu, Almat Abilez, Nariman Karabalin, Iliyas Amangeldi.

In this competition, teams are challenged to apply sustainability concepts and to use their knowledge of concrete mixture design by producing pervious concrete that balances permeability and splitting tensile strength. Teams are additionally challenged to develop a mixture design that develops the highest load-to-cost ratio. A report that documents the team’s cylinder production process and preliminary results is also scored.

We asked several questions to the team members:

  • Is it going to be the first participation of the team in this competition?

This international ACI competition is going to be the first one we’re participating in. However, we believe it will pave the way for taking part in competitions in every academic year.

  • How is the preparation going?

The competition itself will take place in the middle of March of the upcoming year, so at the moment we are at the initial stage of the analysis and selection of materials, as well as the design of the mix.

  • How do you estimate your chances of success?

We try to have a very optimistic attitude towards the competition, and hope to win. Nevertheless, it also will be helpful to gain a new experience of participating in the international competition together with establishing a good relationship with representatives of the ACI.

We congratulate the SEDS team and wish good luck in Spring 2021 ACI Convention!