Important step towards ‘Zero-waste’ life. Students’ startup: vending machines for selling liquid household products on tap.


Have you ever imagined advanced technologies that help to reduce plastic use and live zero-waste life in Kazakhstan? Here they are! ‘refillme’ is the eco-startup that aims to produce dispensers for selling household chemicals on tap. 

Our students created a refillme system that allows consumers to refill their bottles multiple times with liquid products. By using this system, you not only save your money on packaging but also reduce the amount of plastic waste and its impact on YOUR health. In order to make the purchase process as convenient as possible, our students are developing innovative dispenser.


How does it work? 

You use a dispenser to refill your own empty bottle, as you’ve already done with a water-filling machine. So, you can be sure that you buy only the product.


Now, let’s get into the details. 

Did you know that overpayment for packaging may reach up to 40% of the total price of a product? That's not all. Imagine every year more than 500 million bottles of ONLY shampoos end up in a landfill. As a result, it decomposes and gets into the water and soil in the form of microplastics, which are difficult to filter. We eat fish with plastic and therefore allow toxic microplastic to enter our body. 


“Thinking about the ways of solution of the above-mentioned problems led us to the idea of creating startup “refillme”. Our refilling machine maintains products that contain only natural and safe ingredients, which means that our goods are harmless for your health and planet! Also, we offer flexibility, so that you can fill your bottle with the amount you want. Last, but not the least, by doing so, we would like to promote eco-consciousness. Increasing awareness of the eco-problems is important on the way to "zero-waste" lifestyle.”


The startup was founded four months ago and during this time they:

- checked MVP using shampoo of the local manufacturer and doubled sales of it;

- Created a draft prototype;

- launched crowdfunding on the platform

- created the website

- And made sure of the demand for the device.

Also, there are interested parties such as shops with the eco-concept Astana EcoShop, Chia, and company BI Group, Nazarbayev University.


This brand-new technology is being created in Kazakhstan and by our students. 'refillme’ needs YOUR SUPPORT. Currently ‘refillme’ is searching for investments and students who are willing to join, build a prototype and be a part of eco-movement. 


Meet Refillme Team:

Alua Zholgazy - CEO
Kalamkas Zhagiparova - CTO

Anelya Tynysbek - Business Developer

Alina Zakharova - CMO

Aliya Omirkhanova - PR manager

Serzhan Omarov - Graphic Designer.





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