Student support

Student support

School Office

School Office assists students in the academic issues. Students apply to the Office with their queries regarding the study process and personal requests. It supports the educational mission of the institution, maintains accurate, permanent, confidential students academic records.


  • the School Admissions process,
  • the Course scheduling process,
  • the students’ registration process,
  • the grades submission process,
  • the students attendance process,
  • the issues on Students academic progress,
  • the implementation of the NU and School academic policies and procedures.
  • the examinations process in accordance with quality assurance processes.

Personal advisers

Personal advisers. Advisers are the first point of contact if the student experience personal difficulties that affect their work. The advisers write references for student, listen and try to help with problems or refer the student to someone who can. Adviser offers advice about additional learning needs e.g. a study skills course. The adviser may get information on his/her own initiative, may be informed of problems by the School Office or may learn from students themselves. The adviser has access to files of students assigned to him/her at all times. The student advisor may identify personal, mental of health problems of students. In these cases the matter is to be brought to the attention of the School Office. The School Office will then seek professional help as from Student Affairs, or the NU Counsellors.

Department of Student Affairs

Department of Student Affairs is a dynamic frontline unit that is tasked with development and implementation of strategic policies related to student life, assistance with Student Government and Organizations’ activities, and day to day management of Student Affairs in close cooperation with University and School administrations. DSA staff works hand-in-hand with faculty and students in fostering diverse extra-curricular programming in intellectual leadership, athletics, and performing and fine arts.


Student counselling

Student counselling offers assistance on any personal problems, whether specifically related to study or not. Counsellors enable students to make the most of the opportunities offered at Nazarbayev University by helping them cope with problems or difficulties of a personal or emotional nature. All help is offered strictly in confidence.

Career and advising center

Career and advising center is a resource for all students who are seeking information on choosing a major, developing a career plan, finding an internship or a job, exploring graduate school opportunities and transitioning from academia to a career.