Students are provided with a range of facilities at Nazarbayev University. 

Security and maintenance. “University Service Management” focuses on various directions: protection from emergencies, criminal and other kinds of negative displays, control of enforcement, regular evacuation training and action in case of emergencies. 24-four security and dispatching service is provided within the University campus. There is video surveillance in every block and the guards provide security.

Dormitory. Students are provided with comfortable housing and a high level of service. Students dormitory is located within the campus, the cosy rooms are equipped with all required conveniences. There are free Wi-Fi, washing machines and refrigerators on every floor of all the blocks. There are special rooms for the students’ independent work.

Rest. The 1st and the 2nd floors of the dormitory are designated for active rest of the students. They have an opportunity to watch TV, DVD, play the piano, dance in the recreation room, and play ping-pong.

Sports. There are open-door sport grounds in the around area to play football, volleyball in summer and hockey or skating in wintertime.

Medical service. The doctor’s office and a small hospital are located in the dormitory.

Refectory. The refectory is equipped with modern kitchen equipment. Every day the professional chefs cook fresh dishes from natural and qualitative products. The variety of dishes is regularly updated, which allows creating a useful food ration consisting of various and tasty dishes. Students have four free meals in a large hall for 1,000 seats.


Library service. The University has a modern library which is open every day until late evening. Every week the library collection grows by thousands of new materials, including books, CDs, periodicals and reference materials. The Library has also subscribed to a number of electronic resources. Most materials added to the library collection are from Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Pearson, McMillan, McGraw-Hill and other authoritative publishers.


School of Engineering and Digital Sciences Subject Librarian - Darya Zvonareva


Subject Librarian is a principal contact for academic departments and research centers of the School to support research, teaching and learning with the following services:

– Individual or group research consultations in person or online

– Assistance with citation / reference management tools

– Consultations for copyright and scholarly communication

– Orientations for new students, faculty and researchers

– Information literacy and embedded instruction programs

– Collection development  - textbooks and reference materials order

– Facilitating connections with additional campus support.

Contact information:


Phone: +7 (7172) 70-59-41

Block 5, office 5e.322