Welcome to School of Engineering and Digital Sciences Nazarbayev University
It is with immense pride that we welcome you to the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences (SEDS) at Nazarbayev University. The school is driven by a singular ambition: to evolve into a global research hub with significant relevance for Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and the world.

While only 11 years old, the School figures prominently in the #626 position of the 2022-23 U.S. News & World Report Best Global Universities rankings of 2,000 top institutions across 95 countries around the world.

SEDS comprises of six departments - Chemical and Materials Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Robotics, and Computer Science. Our programs, strategically designed with the goal of ABET accreditation, offer students a comprehensive and balanced education. They receive a robust grounding in the fundamental tenets of science and mathematics, alongside a broad understanding of humanities, social sciences, and entrepreneurship.

We consider our students to be the beating heart of our University. As such, we place substantial emphasis on their holistic education, extending beyond the traditional classroom setup. We strive for the internationalization of our student experience by promoting opportunities like conference participation, overseas exchange programs, and industrial internships. This multi-faceted approach enables our students to gain a global perspective and develop a deep appreciation for diverse cultural experiences. Additionally, we encourage our undergraduate students to immerse themselves in research projects under the guidance of our distinguished faculty.

Our research strategy aims to foster research excellence and create a significant impact locally, regionally, and internationally. To expedite this objective, we have invested substantially in enhancing our research facilities and environment and reinforcing our commitment to the internationalization of our graduate student body.

The quality of our faculty is the bedrock upon which our lofty ambitions rest. Thus, we are unyielding in our commitment to attract, retain, and support high-quality faculty members from all over the globe.

Whether you are a prospective student contemplating your future, or a potential faculty candidate looking for a vibrant academic community, we cordially invite you to explore our website. Here, you can delve into the details of our programs, curricula, course offerings, and admission requirements, and learn more about our dedicated faculty, staff, and students.

Should you have any queries or require further information, please feel free to contact us or the respective department heads. We look forward to welcoming you into our dynamic community!

General information
The School of Engineering and Digital Sciences provides a student-centered holistic approach to educating engineers who will be future leaders of Kazakhstani industry sectors. The life of an engineering student is filled with exciting activities. Besides lectures, tutorials, laboratories, and traditional coursework, at NU School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, there are many project-based assignments, competitions, exhibitions, workshops, industry visits and organized problem-solving discussions that will enable our students not only to “think outside the box”, but also to gain valuable experience. In addition to the learning process, our students take part in international scientific and social projects, in sports, and other activities.
Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: SEDS’s mission is to advance knowledge and educate engineers and digital scientists as critical thinkers and self-directed learners prepared to serve the nation and the world. SEDS will become the leading Engineering and Digital Sciences center of educational and research excellence in Kazakhstan, Central Asia and beyond. SEDS will be a key driving force for Nazarbayev University in its quest to advance in international rankings.

Vision: SEDS will be one of the world’s leading schools that integrate best practices in education with cutting-edge research and technology development. These synergies will help produce business and industry leaders who combine technical excellence with critical thinking and problem solving skills. SEDS graduates will be in great demand and preferred for recruitment by leading international universities and research institutes, hospitals, industrial giants, high-tech industries, and governmental agencies. SEDS will have the most innovative engineering and digital sciences programs in the Eurasian region for student enrolment.

The values that guide the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences (SEDS) to pursue its mission and advance the vision are:

1) developing human potential and growth through excellence in teaching and research;
2) assuring strong communication skills for every graduate;
3) practicing integrity and responsibility by students and faculty alike;
4) providing opportunities for students to explore new ideas;
5) encouraging volunteerism, social responsibility and ethical practice; and
6) building connections between the academic environment and the world to assist students in achieving their highest potential.