SEDS 3 Minute Thesis 3MT® Competition
The Three Minute Thesis is a research competition (3MT®) introduced by the University of Queensland in 2008 and is now held in over 600 universities across more than 85 countries worldwide. In this competition, the PhD researchers are asked to present their thesis and show its significance in three minutes. The idea behind the concept is to increase researchers’ communication skills, presentation and academic capacities to demonstrate the topic in 3 minutes to a non-specialist audience.

Benefits of Participation

  • Enhancing the competencies of PhD researchers
  • Developing a culture of research at NU
  • Establishing and cultivating external partnerships for the university

Eligibility Criteria and Progression

Students enrolled in the following programs are eligible to apply for the competition:

  1. SEDS department based PhD program.
  2. Science Engineering and Technology PhD program.

Progression Requirements:
To compete in the competition, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Successfully defended the research qualifying exam/research proposal at least 6 months before the competition.
  2. Completed substantial part of the research work.

The following are not eligible to apply:

1) 1st and 2nd year PhD students.
2) Students who have graduated.

The winner will serve as the representative for their School in the subsequent phase of the competition to be held at university level. In the event that the winner is unable to be present at the final, the runner-up will advance to the subsequent stage of the competition. The People's Choice award (determined by audience voting) from each School has the opportunity to compete for a place in the Wildcard competition at the University level. If the School winner is also the People's Choice winner, the Runner-up advances to the Wildcard competition at the University level.

Rules of the Competition

  • Only one static PowerPoint slide is allowed. Slide transitions, animations, or any form of movement are strictly prohibited. The slide is to be presented at the commencement of the speech.
  • Additional electronic media, such as sound and video files, are not allowed.
  • Additional props such as costumes, musical instruments, and laboratory equipment are not allowed.
  • The duration of presentations is strictly limited to a maximum of 3 minutes, and any contestants who exceed this time limit will be disqualified.
  • Oral presentations must adhere to spoken language and should not include poems, raps, or songs.
  • The presentations will begin from the stage.
  • The commencement of presentations is marked by the initiation of a presenter's speech or physical action.
  • The verdict of the adjudicating panel is conclusive.
Judging Panel

Members of SEDS Research Committee. The SEDS research committee can invite additional experts to judge the 3MT competition session.


At school level, a certificate of appreciation would be awarded.
  • First Prize
  • Runner-Up
  • People’s choice award (Audience voted)

Summary and Timeline

SEDS Research office announces call for 3MT® competition
March 15
Students apply and submit their 3MT® slides as per Appendix 2, to the link shared by the SEDS Research office
April 8 to 12, 2024
3MT® competition scheduled during SEDS Research week. The judging panel would be the Members of SEDS Research Committee
April 8 to 12, 2024
Winners of SEDS 3MT® competition will receive certificate during SEDS Research week