Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical and Materials

Chemical and Materials Engineering is the engineering discipline that makes extensive use of both chemical and physical transformations to achieve added value. This profession relies on the concept of "scale-up", that is, the transition of a discovery (a new material, a new catalyst, a new molecule, a new physical phenomenon) from the laboratory to the production plant. In our times we are fortunate to be experiencing a literal explosion in new materials and new chemistries with applications in many and diverse fields, such as environmental protection and remediation, energy production and storage, hydrocarbon processing, plastics production and processing, foods, pharmaceuticals, biomedical devices and so many others. This has made Chemical Engineers worldwide well sought after by employers and commanding top salaries; we are confident that your program of study in Chemical and Materials Engineering will make your future career prospects even brighter. The BEng in ChME is a four-year degree program. The program is designed to provide skills and a detailed knowledge base at the undergraduate level for a career in advanced degree, industry or research, in Kazakhstan or abroad. The ChME program at NU includes a first year dedicated to courses common to engineering disciplines, particularly regarding to physics and mathematics. In the second year students will further improve their mathematical skills, essential to solve later on complex engineering problems. At this point, core courses of the discipline are introduced, starting with an introductory course on ChE, together with thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, as well general courses on inorganic and organic chemistry. In the third year students will learn about the key units present in chemical plants, such as chemical reactors, heat exchangers and separation units. Students will learn first hand the practicalities of these core chemical engineering courses in two dedicated experimental lab courses. Two further courses are dedicated to the chemistry of materials and their characterization. In the last year, students will focus on process design and simulation, as well as in control and safety systems in chemical processes. Such courses will enable students to perform their Capstone projects, involving the design and simulation of a whole chemical process. In the final year students will have the opportunity to explore different aspects in the very broad discipline that is ChME through elective courses. Many elective courses on chemical engineering are available for example on environmental applications or on multiphase systems. Elective courses specialized on materials include for example those on polymers, colloids, powders or on biological tissues.

Total Number of Credits: 248 ECTS

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4