Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kazakhstan is now knocking on the door of being a developed country and has the potential to be so soon, based on the estimation of reserves in oil, gas, and minerals. Now civil engineers and chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineers are setting the ground and developing engineering to enhance the country. The development of the natural resources has been the basis for the economic growth of Kazakhstan, however the other side of this development, the environmental issues have been always segregated and forgotten for a long time. Now it is time for civil and environmental engineers to do their pivotal roles, i.e. the natural resources should be wisely and properly developed by the engineers to prevent their extinctions under a fair environmental protection regime.We believe that the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and its relevant disciplines are required to produce the essential engineering education for students and training programs for site professionals and to harbor and carry out significant research projects to solve serious impending environmental disasters such as climate change and global contaminant transport, threatening the longevity of the earth and human well-being. Consequently, we believe that the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department plays critical and proper roles for the society of Kazakhstan by focusing on the expertise of the faculty members, developed ABET-based core courses, and relevant research projects.

Total Number of Credits: 248 ECTS

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Year 2
Year 3
Year 4