MSc in Chemical and Materials Engineering

The Master of Science in Chemical and Materials Engineering (MSc-ChME) degree program is a specialized degree program offered by the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences (SEDS) at Nazarbayev University (NU). Students are required to complete 120 ECTS credits, in 4 semesters, which satisfies the requirements stipulated by the Bologna Process and the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) for Master’s Degrees. The program is research oriented and it is designed to provide the skills required to solve advanced technical problems in chemical and materials engineering through a combination of Thesis Research and advanced coursework. All students in the MSc-ChME program are required to complete five advanced core courses (30 ECTS) in key fundamental chemical and materials engineering areas such as Applied Mathematics, Transport Phenomena, Materials Processing, Materials Characterization and Chemical Reaction Engineering. Three additional core courses, Research Methods and Ethics, Research Seminar and Technical Communication (18 ECTS), will be offered to provide students with the general knowledge that is necessary for them to design or present their research in an effective way. Students will also be able to select four elective courses (24 ECTS), from a list of possible options, based on their research interests. Students will be enrolled in MSc Thesis I (24 ECTS) and MSc Thesis II (24 ECTS) courses in the third and fourth semesters to carry out an independent research. A wide variety of research topics will be offered by the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering in areas as diverse as energy generation, conversion and storage; environmental protection, remediation and resource efficiency; process design and simulation; composite functional materials etc. Through its research-intensive nature, the program aims at providing its graduates with the skills required for innovative engineering, to translate research into production, and to foster the future technological development in the country and abroad.

Year 1
Year 2

*Student can choose an elective course from other Departments in SEDS or Schools per approval of the advisor and the Head of Depart-ment. At least two electives should be taken from the MSc-ChME Program.

Program Elective Courses

MCHME 700, Computational Fluid Dynamics in Chemical and Materials Engineering

MCHME 701, Advanced Chemical Thermodynamics

MCHME 702, Biofilm Science and Engineering

MCHME 703, Crude Oil Processing

MCHME 704, Advanced Safety, Reliability and Risk Engineering in Process Industries

MCHME 705, Emerging Pollutants: Sources, Fate, and Control

MCHME 706, Analysis of Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

MCHME 707, Polymer Melt Fluid Mechanics and Processing

MCHME 708, Advanced Powder Processing

MCHME 709, Food Engineering and Processing

MCHME 710, Porous and Powder Materials Characterization

MCHME 711, Advanced Materials for Environmental and Biomedical Applications

MCHME 713, Advanced Energy Materials and Their Application

MCHME 714, Computational Material Engineering

MCHME 715, Air Quality, Toxicity, and Health